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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Now run Video ads on Facebook

With so many updates and hits, Google is disappointing marketers and making them work hard to get desired SERP; while Facebook is luring marketers with new ways to market with them.

Facebook developer

Facebook has officially announced that:
  1. Mobile apps can now have video ads. 
  2. Pay for actions only
Video ads as per Facebook will increase the chances of more downloads of apps. Facebook suggested this as users can get a brief intro of the app that they are about to install on their phones. Great thought Facebook.
Earlier, the advertisers bid for their ads on basis of CPC (cost per click) or oCPM (optimized cost per impression). Facebook has introduced a new concept for advertisers, which they named as CPA (cost per action). According to CPA, the advertiser has to pay only for the number of downloads. To know more about CPA click here.

If you are running an app and want to try for these two new features proceed here

Original press release by Facebook:

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