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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How to get webpages indexed fast

In my last blog i discussed about on "How to stop Google from indexing your pages?" but that was a rare situation when you want that search engines should not crawl certain pages/ content of your website.
In this post I am going to mention quick ways that helps to get your webpage/site to get indexed faster.

  1. Google webmaster: After you create an analytics account for checking traffic generation, the very next step should be to submit the website on Google Webmaster. As soon as website is submitted you can easily see certain stats about the website. Two most important tools in webmaster are submission of sitemap and fetch as google bot.
  2. Bing webmaster: Follow the same steps as above.
  3. Social Sharing: Social sharing is the best way to get your content indexed faster. As soon as you share, there are chances for people to visit it and thus solving the purpose.
  4. Pinging Tools: There are many pinging tools available over the internet. Choose according to your suitability. Like can ping individual website/page. and can be used for mass pinging.
    Pinging basically messages the crawlers that there are certain updates on the website/page and that they should crawl it.
    CAUTION: Don't use these tools much frequently as they can have negative impacts.
  5. Frequent changes on web site/page: If web site/page is updated frequently the crawlers tends to crawl the web site/page to cache the changes. 
  6. Back-links: While creating back-links, make sure that the back-links are also getting indexed. This will help in two ways, one, number of back-links would increase and two the link that you have posted will also get indexed fast. Try to create back-links on website that tends to get indexed faster like, blogs, forums, news websites etc.

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