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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Do you have multiple admin for Facebook Fan page?

This post is specifically for those who are dealing with Facebook fan pages and they have multiple admins to handle that fan page.

There have been a time when one of the admins has updated something on fan page that was not supposed to be shared or mistakenly shared; it was hard to trace which admin has done this. To ease such situation, Facebook has provided a solution to admins. Now, it shows the name of the admin under the post. 

As soon as you log-in to your fan page, Facebook is displaying a notification about it,

As soon as some other admin update something on fan page, the name of the admin is visible,
In the above picture you can see the other admin's name, on my fan page.
Remember that only admins could see the other admin's name. The admin's name is not public and no one can check the admin of the page (unless admin himself announces his name).

This is a fantastic update by Facebook and very much helpful to track records. 

NOTE: This update is visible for posts that updated after 20th February, 2014.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Yahoo changes the Home page

Did you check the new Yahoo Home page?
The slider has gone wider and the news section are more clearer. Earlier I had to dig in to search for sign in and check mail option, they are now placed well in the right corner.
The changes that I could find, i've marked in red.
Can you trace other changes on Yahoo homepage?
Yahoo has promised for more big and small changes. Let's wait up for the changes to come.

Poor grammar and spelling mistakes in content can harm ranking in Bing

While Google introduced "Panda" and "Penguin" for poor quality content, they never defined what kind of content is "poor quality".
Bing has taken the step regarding this and has detailed out what kind of content will be "poor content" for Bing and how can such content harm the ranking of the website. Bing has laid down a list of common mistakes that frequently happens, some common phrases that are used at wrong places, punctuation mistakes, sentence structure and many other such things.
Bing, clearly stated that when poor content is not meant for reading for humans then it is not meant to rank either.
I am a person with bad grammar and have to take these Bing English classes.
Many SEO people are appreciating the step taken by Bing as it clarifies what is a bad content unlike Google which is still not clear on what basis of bad content can your website be penalize.