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Monday, 7 October 2013

Here comes the Penguin again

Seems Google people are too active in too aggressive to remove spam (or should i say kill SEO)

Too many updates have flooded website owners, Google is not even giving them a chance to recover or to guess which update has effected their website's rank and traffic.

After a major update "Humming bird", Google has now released its another and old soldier "Penguin 2.1". 
As usual this started with a tweet by Matt Cutts.
While reading many articles and forums, I got to know many webmasters are happy and many are on the edge. 

What new gun has Penguin 2.1 has?
1. This is not related to backlinks..stop checking the backlinks and putting them on disavow tool.
2. Check on-page optimization rule guide by Google (like 404, redirects etc)
3. Do you multiple domains for different type of users that redirects them to one page?
4. Are you still not following "no copied content on website" rule? 

Check out the above points see where your website is lacking. Don't worry SEO is yet not over, it is not in I.C.U, you still have your chances.

Read about previous updates as part 1 and part 2.


  1. hi also read about this .. Can you tell me about Google Hummingbird which was google update on 26 September ..

    1. Sure, here you go