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Friday, 4 October 2013

Is Facebook now a search engine?

Facebook a young toddler is a great competitor to teen Google. Both of them share good rival relationship.
With so many things introduced in a social platform, Mr. Mark is planning to take Facebook at another level. Recently I read about, searching Facebook status and posts updates. Check-ins, were already a way of knowing "local places around", or the emoticons showing blessed, depressed and stuff or you are listening to music or watching movies and things; this new update is also very interesting.
Though this update is not circulated worldwide but people are those who have this updated are enjoying it.

The updates that you can now search can be like:

  • Posts about Big Boss by my friends
  • Posts by my friends from last month
  • Posts I commented on
  • My posts from last year

Facebook has learnt a lot from Google's flop show "Orkut" that users want something "new" every now and then, so Mark is serving user's plates with all sorts of items. They are taking care of every type of user, whether you are a normal user or you are a entrepreneur, or you are marketer. They are trying to impress every type of client.

I've started feeling to use Facebook as "search engine" at least for local searching. Hoping for this update to strike India soon.

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