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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Humming Bird for human's queries on Google

After 12 years, Google updated it's "Search Algorithm".

How is Humming bird different from Panda and Penguin?
Panda and Penguin were working for 12 year old search engine algorithm, while humming bird is absolute new algorithm. Panda and Penguin will now work for Humming bird.

What was the need of Humming bird when Google had Panda and Penguin to fight spam?
Humming bird update is related to "search queries" posted by user and the Google wants to give "the most" relevant result.
To be more precise, Google will lay stress on "expressions" and not "keywords". The keyword theory seems to doomed now. Content writers now have to work on information and not on keywords or keyword density etc.

Difference between expression and keywords?
This can be best explained by taking example. Let's say I type "what contains more fat butter or olive oil?". Earlier the searches contained info either on both things or about one thing but with new update Google will give you only comparative result as asked by user.

While writing content what do you need to focus?
1. What would user type to get a particular information?
2. Since Google now can understand synonyms, forget about spinning the content.
3. Exact match keywords are not helpful now, go for phrases.
4. Provide information stop writing stories.

What type of optimization is required now?
1. Strong on page optimization (like page load, no use of frames etc)
2. For meta tags stop keyword stuffing
3. Update website with information.
4. Avoid cheap and fast ways of getting back-links
5. Mobile website optimization

Mobile websites are more to be focused for this update as mobile users can post query by speaking and Google's only aim is to provide relevant info. So give a serious thought on "user friendly over search engine friendly".

Many websites have faced a serious hit by this update. If your website has not received a hit, that means you are gifted.

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