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Just like that

While at office, we were talking about the TV serials that we watched on DD1 and DD2. These were the only channels, that we used to watch. The talks ended but the memories were still wandering in my thoughts. Beautiful were those days, the serials like, "Flop Show", "Bomkesh Bakshi", "Shriman Shrimati", "Zabaan sambhaal ke", and many more to name out.
I still remember sony was the next channel that we got to watch and "Boogie Woogie", "CID" were other serials.
When I compared the serials that what we watched was real "entertainment" as compared to what TV channels are serving today. Some one tell me, who wears so much of jewellery and such heavy saris at home? Ghoch!!! that's disgusting.
I think what we lived was real "childhood", we played indoors, outdoors watched some beautiful real entertaining serials. At least we used to laugh while watching them.
I really miss my childhood and want to live it again!!!
Here I am sharing pics of some serials of our time.