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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Changes on twitter profile page

Today when I logged into my mail, i received a mail saying "Give your profile a makeover." via This sounded interesting and the changes were interesting too.
Seems after Facebook has made changes into its profile pages, twitter is running in the same race.

The changes that I found are:

  1. A banner image (same as Facebook cover pic) of size 1500*500 pixels.
  2. A profile image (placed at similar place where Facebook's profile image is placed) of size 400*400 pixels, placed at left corner of the banner image.
  3. About me section is kept below the profile picture like earlier times.
  4. Website link is quite visible. (thumbs up to this)
  5. Trends, follower suggestions has moved from left to right.
  6. Pinning a tweet to top of profile page (again a feature of Facebook page).
I've attached related screen shots below:
Changes on profile page of Twitter

Banner image and profile picture

Pin your Tweet to top of profile page

Pinned Tweet on top of profile page

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