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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Now Save bookmarks in Bing

With Beta version, Bing has introduced a new way to save book marks with it. Place a little box on the toolbar of the browser and save the bookmarks and check them later.
The link for Bing Saves is
To save your webpages with Bing, all you need is to stay logged in to microsoft account.
Below is a screenshot of Bing's Saves page

In the above image you can see the bookmarklets marked in red boxes.
There are three more windows, showing, bookmarks saved by you, trending feeds and public feeds. As the name suggests, trending- are the topics which are talked most and public feed shows the real time tagged topics.
While you save something with Bing Saves, you can tag the webpage which eases the search of that particular topic.
With Bookmarklet "Save on Bing", you can directly save the webpage to Bing; otherwise you can paste the URL and save it to Bing as shown below:

The Floppy sign is for saving the webpage. you can see that I've saved three webpages, for one of the webpages I've provided the hash-tag too.

This is a smart approach by Bing to provide its user with universal bookmark, which he/she can access anywhere.
But remember as of now its an experiment!!!

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