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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Facebook's "Sympathize" button on the way

Facebook fans have been eagerly waiting for "dislike" button but Facebook persons have sidelined it and have decided to launch "sympathize" button.

A sad post on Facebook is liked by many people, creating a confusion what was to "like" in that sad post like death, breakup or bad day or anything sorrowful.

The picture above is from HuffPost, where an artist has predicted how the "sympathize" button could look like.

At Facebook Hackathon, the engineers of Facebook decided to introduce this sympathize button. The button would read these many people "sympathize with the post" rather then these many people "like this (sad post)".

The button would not be visible in a normal post; it would be visible when the person who posted a status uses negative mood emoticon (of Facebook) like, sad, crying, doomed etc. The like button would change to sympathize button.

Facebook members attend these hackathon to introduce/discuss such unique ideas on human behavior with Facebook. Friend suggester, facebook chat etc are results of these Hackthon.

Let's wait when this "sympathize" button goes live and is used on the timeline.

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