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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Google is 14 years old

No, no, its not Google’s b’day today. Its on September 12. I was just telling you (may be you all know already) that Google is just 14 years old and knows more than any of us-we are the one to make it know more than us!!!
Now this Google-nurtured by Larry Page and Sergey Brin was not named as Google. They named their “kid” as Googol-meaning 10100. Reason behind this Googol was that Page and Brin aimed at building a very-large scale search engine. Google was not at all any word, i.e. it was meaningless and was result of a spelling mistake. It was in year 2006 that the word Google was added in Oxford Dictionary, as a verb, with the meaning as “to use Google search engine to obtain information on internet”.
Here, on my blog, we’ll talk SEO. Now SEO is incomplete if we do not talk about Google. Let’s see the root cause of SEO- a search engine of-course- The Google.
Reading might be boring, so let us see the album to know the 14 years of Google.
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